Partners in Research

UC Santa Cruz professors, scientists, and researchers pursue research that intersects with Silicon Valley companies and innovators.

Computer scientists are working with industry partners to tackle the growing challenge of storing and managing massive amounts of electronic data. Linguists who understand the complexity of language are making digital personal assistants more intelligent. Researchers are developing assistive robotics, autonomous vehicles, and cybersecurity insights that will help us navigate the future. Psychologists studying how technology is affecting fundamental aspects of our everyday lives are designing digital tools that promise to empower us. And game designers are understanding how interactive scenarios can let us see the world differently—and influence how we feel.

altgameslabThe Alternative Learning Technologies and Games (ALT Games) Lab is an interdisciplinary team with projects ranging across multiple domains such as Human-Computer Interaction, Learning Science, Electrical Engineering, Psychology, and Digital Arts. The mission of the lab is to create and explore the potential of alternative controllers, novel interfaces, and other forms of unique input/output.

auxlab_logo.pngThe Authentic User Experience Lab (AUX Lab) integrates empirical and humanistic methods to do research with subcultures. We publish in human-computer interaction (HCI) and other related venues (e.g., CHI, DIS, CSCW, ECSCW, ICWSM). Take a look at our projects and publications.


The Center for Computational Experience is an interdisciplinary research center focused on human computer interaction and technology for games and play. Our world-class research faculty combine expertise in engineering, social science, arts, humanities, and design. 

guiilab_logoThe Game User Interaction and Intelligence (GUII) Lab focuses on the emerging area at the intersection of game design, interactive arts, and interactive media, with emphasis on developing new design mechanics, new methods to measure the user experience, expanding and applying new artificial intelligence algorithms, and engineering new engaging designs. The lab also engages in the development of new applications towards broader impacts in education, health, and climate change.


Many research programs within the Jack Baskin School of Engineering have strong ties with Silicon Valley industry. 

Explore the high-impact research led by UCSC faculty and supported by industry partners on the Baskin Engineering website.