Partners in Research

UC Santa Cruz professors, scientists, and researchers across campus pursue research that intersects with Silicon Valley companies big and small.

Computer scientists are working with industry partners to tackle the growing challenge of storing and managing massive amounts of electronic data. Linguists are working to understand the complexity of language, efforts that could one day make digital personal assistants much more intelligent. Psychologists are studying how technology is affecting fundamental aspects of our everyday lives—and designing digital tools that promise to empower us. And game designers are understanding how interactive scenarios can let us see the world differently—and influence how we feel.

Many research programs within the Jack Baskin School of Engineering have strong ties with Silicon Valley industry.

The Information Technology Institute conducts collaborative research in a wide range of areas related to the internet, computer systems, and communication technologies.

The Storage Systems Research Center is working to improve the performance and profitability of the data storage industry through a strong focus on the software and systems aspects of data storage.

The Center for Games and Playable Media houses five games-related research labs, with projects ranging from work on artificial intelligence and interactive storytelling to natural language dialogue systems, cinematic communication, procedural content generation, and human-computer interaction.

The Network Management and Operations Lab, in collaboration with Cisco Systems, specializes in network engineering research and management of complex networked systems.

The Center for Research in Open Source Software funds open source research projects and builds collaborations with industry partners.

The Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering blends cutting-edge computational approaches with new research in biology, chemistry, and engineering, and maintains the UCSC Genome Browser, a valued resource for biomedical and biotechnology research.

The Genomics Institute is on the forefront of efforts to develop a global platform for genomics that will accelerate breakthroughs in health and evolutionary biology.