Graduate Programs in Silicon Valley

Graduate programs at the UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus foster ties to nearby industry and employ professionals as visiting and adjunct faculty.

Master of science in games and playable media
Focused on combining technical and design innovation to create novel possibilities for the games of today, to enable new types of games, and to explore a wide variety of indie and next-generation playable experiences.

Master of science in electrical engineering
Emphasizing real-world applications, fields of study include:
• Wireless communications and networking
• Signal and image processing
• Adaptive and applied optics
• Biomedical instrumentation and microelectronic devices
• Electronics and photonics
• Remote sensing
• VLSI, MEMS, and nanotechnology

Other new M.S. programs, including Serious Games and Human Computer Interaction (HCI), are expected to come online in 2017 and 2018, respectively.