Video Conference Rooms

Writeup on ITS webpage about Video Conference Planning&Etiquette

See the Campus directions for Zoom here:

3 of the conference rooms are equiped with Mac Minis and logitech cameras (3255,3004,3002)


  1. Turn on the Mac Mini, it's keyboard, and mouse. This should cause the round Steelcase Puck attached to the mac Mini to light up with a white numeral "1".  Press the white "1" on the puck.
  2. This will cause the Puck to turn green and start displaying the Mac on the TV. Log into the Mac with "Guest Account"
  3. Click the Blue Icon in the Dock with the Camera to launch Zoom Zoom Icon
  4. Click Join a Meeting Zoom login
  5. Enter the 9 digit Zoom conference code zoom meeting Number
  6. Edit audit settings, confirm sound is going out to the Logitech speakerZoom audio settings

To Schedule your meeting with Zoom in one of these conference rooms just email

These cameras will work with other conferencing tools (Google hangout, etc)  We have found Zoom to have better audio and video performance with multiple sites.

Zoom features:

  • Phone dial-in lines for participants who are not at a computer.  This can replace the campus' use of ReadyTalk dial-in
  • Screen sharing with annotations, you can highlight or add text to shared screens
  • you can transfer remote control to the far side