IT Support at SVC

IT help is obtained by emailing which will create a ticket in the Request Tracker system.

Building level services provided:

  • Wired network, activating jacks, changing VLAN's etc just email
  • Wireless network -We recommend using eduroam at Bowers Bldg (or anywhere on campus).  See here for set up:
  • Badge or Key access is governed by requests entered on on the key field, typing: 
    bowers and the room number --- will give you a list of keys for that room you could request
    or bowers and badge, will give you a list of electronic accesses you can request.
  • Printing
    First, activate your ADCRM user account using CruzID Blue:
    The print servers name is \\  (Windows menu, just put \\ in the search)
    If you have a personal computer on the wired network just put in \\ , then log in using ADCRM\cruzid and your CruzID Blue password.
    If you have a Mac, click on System Preferences, select Print & Fax,  click the plus sign to add a printer, select the ip tab,use LPD, address is
    Queue name is one of: hp-room3270,hpcolor.  These two printers are housed in the photocopier room 3270.  It is intended as incidentaly use,  for heavy usage use a commercial copy center.