Conference Room Equipment

The conference rooms have 3 types of equipment-

  1. Conference Phone -- For making normal phone calls

  2. Video Conference -- For video/audio conference, zoom, google hangout

  3. Steelcase mediascape tables -- For displaying in this room only


Conference Phone

Press the button below the "New Call" on the LCD.  Dial 9 for an outside line.

Video Conferencing Equipment (Logitech):

Logitech Video Conferencing base

This device is used for video conferenceing with directions here.  We use this equipment to make a video call using Zoom or google hangouts.  Choose the Guest user on the Mac Mini.

MediaScape tables:Mediascape Table

 Finally, these dongles are the connection to the media scape table.  Multiple people in the room can plug in their laptops, and pressing on the round puck will activate the TV and display their laptop.
Switching beteen presenters is much easier.