Room Reservations

The UCSC Silicon Valley Campus offers conference and meeting spaces, as well as hotel office space, to support the activities of the UCSC community and its partners. Meeting and conference rooms, including the 3,865 square foot "Event Space", offer presentation and projection capabilities, as well as wifi and networking that can support a variety of events from business meetings and seminars to conferences, poster sessions, and other large special events.

There are 3 distinct room types at SVC, all of which may be reserved by emailing

  1. Event Space
  2. Conference Rooms
  3. Hotel Offices

Event Space — The Event Space consists of three rooms with movable divider walls.

  • Room 2110 — 60'x28', Capacity per Fire Code: 95
  • Room 2130 — 40'x28', Capacity per Fire Code: 79
  • Room 2150 — 38'x28', Capacity per Fire Code: 76

Depending on the needs of your event, 1 to 3 of the rooms can be reserved. Each of the three rooms have an overhead LCD projector, retractable ceiling-mounted scree, microphone and ceiling-mounted speakers, presenter stand/podium, multiple power sources, wifi and networking capabilities. The rooms can be configured using house or rented furniture in various layouts:

  1. Auditorium/Theater
  2. Boardroom Square or "U"
  3. Seminar/Classroom
  4. Banquet
  5. Open Floor 
  6. Custom

The SVC Event Space furniture stock includes rolling 6' conference tables, Herman Miller Aeron rolling chairs, and stacking "auditorium" chairs.

Event Space requests require a mininum of 30 days advance request. Email to check availability or to get more information.

Conference Rooms - There are 5 conference rooms. Each has a 80" wall-mounted display and conference phone. To dial in to any of these rooms, call 408-919-8900, then dial the Conference room number as the extension.

  • Room 2004 — Table seating capacity 12, has a removable tables. HDMI Cable to the display. This room is adjacent to the Event space room, in the Lobby of the building, it has windows all along the back wall, and a glass wall and door opening to the lobby
  • Room 3002 — Table seating capacity 6, Mediascape table (multiple inputs for multiple presenters). Has 2 walls of windows and additional seating space at the perimeter of the walls/off of the table.
  • Room 3004 — Table seating capacity 16, Mediascape table (multiple inputs for multiple presenters). Has 1 wall of windows and additional seating space at the perimeter of the walls/off of the table. Equiped with a Logitech camera and Mac Mini for Google hangouts or Zoom meetings.
  • Room 3252 — Table seating capacity 6, HDMI cable to the display.
  • Room 3255 — Table seating capacity 12, Mediascape table (multiple inputs for multiple presenters). Equiped with a Logitech camera and Mac Mini for Google hangouts or Zoom meetings.

Click Here to view Conference Room Calendars

Hotel Offices — Hotel offices are available to campus faculty or staff who have a business need to be in the Santa Clara space on an infrequent basis. Just email to check availability and make a reservation. The office will be unlocked for you on the date of your confirmed reservation.